Yezzy 2’s


I would sell your mom for a pair of these.

RIse Of The ILLest! Episode 1 rehearsal.

I am a firm believer in practice makes perfect so one day I had my homie Brandon, from no sleep pro document our rehearsal. This is a quick look behind the scenes of our practices(Funny Stuff). Stay tuned for more rehearsal footage. Comment, Subscribe, LIke….

Shouts to ICE and Jack Thriller


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Return of Captain’s Log!!!!

I’m bringing back my personal day to day blog. I wanted to say thank you foreveryone who has been hitting us up. Good or bad at least you’re talking. ll


Hang Over 3…nah

Hang Over 3...nah

On April 30th, 9 gentle men took a flight to vegas, the events that happened next was totally awesome and will forever be known as The ILLest!

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ImageSo, I’m finally taking pre-orders for the official We The ILLeST! Limited Edition Glow In The Dark Tee Shirt.. at

WordSpit The ILLeSt X Canibus!

Image Do you know how it feels to meet one of your heros? not only that, but to have the dude you look up to call you a Master lyricist… It felt unreal. One night out of Sutra lounge, 2 years ago, I met the Legend him self Canibus and conversed with him. This was like a dream come true and one of those moments in your career when ya stop and think did that really happen. The Mutha Fucking ILLeSt! 

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Dragon Ball Fresh!!!!! The ILLest!

When have you ever seen Dragon Ball Look so fly… Trunks got on The Yezzy2’s, Goku got on some Jordans and he sporting Kamo …it’s about to get serious lol.

All these designs are credited to


Nispey Hussle X WordSpit The ILLeSt X XXL Magazine!!!

You know I always have that duration period were I lay low and then pop back up with something dope for everyone. So this time around the homie @BTB_Jade has taken another defining NYC Venue(Santos Party) to bring you some more phenomenal acts, including myself and former Freshman Nipsey Hussle!

I’m going to need everyone to be in the building for this, not only to rep ya fav artist, but to show XXL that we stand together no matter what and We The ILLeSt!

Come out and hear some new tracks for my upcoming MIXTape Wrath Of The ILLESt! MIXtape Sponsored by NINJaz!!!!!!

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Whitney Houston! The ILLeSt!

 Jordan Ware conjures raw emotion, as he covers a few songs from the Late Great Whitney Houston. R.I.P We Will Always LOVE YOU!

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Peotry Slam The ILLESt!

Come out tomorrow for a Crazy Poetry Slam event. Performing Live is yours truely, Jordan Ware, LA, Shanelle Gabriel and more……. Peep the flyer don’t be late.